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You Think all Home Inspectors are alike?

find out before you hire !


What to look for in a Home Inspection. Whether you're buying your very first home or moving to a new one, we will help you find with confidence the place you want to spend at least a substantial amount of time, if not the rest of your life.

Our team of experienced Inspectors know what to look for, We know this is a big investment for you and want you to feel confident, secure and happy with your new residence.

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NYS Certified Professional Home Inspector Guy Carpenito has the best credentials around, starting with 36 years of passionate commitment to the Housing industry has been well worth it and sets him apart from all the other home inspection companies.

Guy Started his career in 1978 as a Contractor building new homes and remodeling older ones, from roof to foundation.

Buying run down properties, remodeling them and either renting or selling for profit has also been another specialty to further enhance Guy's expertise and knowledge,

 If that wasn't enough to convince you !

Guy is also a NYS Certified Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code Enforcement Officer ( Building Inspector), with all this experience Guy has helped countless families find their first home with the confidence of knowing everything checked out ok.